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Brand Mascot characters are 5 TIMES more effective than logos on customers' brand linkage and recall - IPSOS 20211


Characters in product design add a level of storytelling that elevate your products from being good to great.

Cindy Reid - Cindy Reid Global Golf

My experience working with the Floob Creative team has been above and beyond. Over the last 17 years I have been running and operating my own Golf Academy business in China without a Mascot. Now that I have an amazing mascot named LuLuBirdie my business has increased by 20% in Asia. Watching Matthew design and create over the past year has been an amazing opportunity for me and I know he would be a great asset to you and your business.

Toby Johnson - USA English

It was a pleasure to work with the Floob Creative team. They have a talent for creating mascots and putting them into animated stickers and delivering on time. They were flexible in integrating our mascot into the stickers, and did so in an organic and professional way. Our kids absolutely love the mascot and share our stickers all the time!

Gaultier Letourneau-Ross - Supertonic

The experience in the past 6 months with Floob Creative has been great. They really opened-up the creative process and were very transparent with ideas, concepts, directions, etc. We were creating an entirely new brand, so it was important that we have a really open and honest iterative process, which they were astute at fostering.
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