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Floob in 3d!

We like to think of our character "Floob" as the brand mascot's brand mascot. He's a gelatinous creature who has the ability to morph shape and telekinetically control blobs to make all sorts of shapes with them, just as we do when we're designing new characters with pencil and paper, stylus and tablet, mouse and 3D software. And besides, what kind of brand mascot company would we be if we didn't have our own?

We use the 2D character wherever we can - throughout the website, on all our branding collateral, on every channel where we have a web presence, even on our invoices! Finally it was time to create a 3D model of the little feller so we could have some really stand out graphics (and flex our creative muscles a bit). On top of that, it gives us lots of creative freedom in the future - we can render him from any angle, change the lighting, change the scenery, add a rig and animate him, and have a basis from which to create a real life model.

After creating a 2D turnaround to decide what he'd look like from various angles (front, left, right, back & 3/4 views), we mapped him out into 3D space. This took about 3 revisions until we got to the stage where we thought the lines and curves matched the 2D model.

After that, it was time to add some colour and texture to the model and light the scene:

The lighting and colour weren't yet perfectly matching our signature brand colour, so we adjusted those. Here's a closeup:

Finally, we wanted to put the model into a scene that reflected who Floob is and what he can do, so we surrounded him with blobs made of the same material as him. Here he is at the very beginning stage of creation, summoning the clay from which he would soon start to play with shapes and design.. who knows?

Stay tuned for more Floob in 3D, and let us know your thoughts!

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