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Creating vs. Licensing Brand Mascots

Finding licensing deals - do you pay royalties to an agency or go it alone? Licensing existing characters with a proven track record can help your business springboard off the popularity of a well-known IP, but can be expensive and limiting. Creating your own brand mascot character gives you much more flexibility, but requires marketing effort to popularize the character. Here are the pros and cons of each to help you make the right decision:


Licensing is a business arrangement in which one company gives another company permission to manufacture or utilize its brand mascot, for a specified payment.


  • No creation process: Save time, effort and money

  • Already established customer base and audience.

  • Clear guidelines about what you can or cannot do with the brand.

  • Existing artworks you can directly use.


  • Need to pay a minimum guarantee plus ongoing royalties

  • Usage limited by length of contract, geographical regions, types of usage.

  • Dependency upon approval from the licensor/ Lack of flexibility of usage.

  • Cannot create new assets easily.



  • Unlimited possibilities of usages and customization.

  • All benefits generated by the mascot belong to you.

  • You can eventually license your own mascot in the future.

  • No approval required and ease of creating new artworks.


  • Takes time and money to build the design, story and universe behind your mascot.

  • No guarantee your audience will respond to your mascot.

  • Complexity of introducing a new brand.

Here's a downloadable table from our PDF, "The Ultimate Mascot Marketing Guide for China":

Pros and cons list
Licensing vs Creating brand mascots

Download the full guide here:

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