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The Brand Mascot Power Checklist

Doing a SWOT analysis of your branding can be a great way to identify how your marketing approach can be enhanced. Here's a questionnaire we wrote with Duhno Marketing for brand mascot characters:


Does your mascot have a unique back story ? In what marketing spheres is your mascot a great performer ? What unique skills does your mascot possess ? Does your mascot have a trait that can’t be seen elsewhere ? In what respects is your mascot well-perceived ? to what degree is your mascot aligned with your current mission and business direction ?


In what areas would your mascot be ineffective ? Does your mascot suffer from any consistent weaknesses ? Are there elements of your mascot that are inauthentic or off-brand ? What aspects of your mascots resonate poorly with your target audience ?


Can you fill a niche that is currently empty or under-represented ? Can your mascot outperform a competitor’s ? Are improving economic trends likely to impact your mascot ? Can your mascot authentically align itself with any popular causes ? Do any current trends benefit your mascot ? Can you associate your mascot with a new demographic or trend ? Is there an existing unsung aspect of your mascot that you could highlight ?


What are your competitors offering that you can’t compete with ? Are there any cultural shifts that may harm your mascot ? Are there any current events that may cast any elements of your mascot in a negative light ? Are any competitors attempting to discredit your mascot ?

If you'd like a printable, easily accessible version of this checklist, here's a JPG we're happy to offer for download:

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