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Webinar: The importance of storytelling in branding & product design in China

Matt was recently invited as a guest speaker on a webinar to talk about the benefits of a brand mascot and the value of storytelling in product design, with a focus on the Chinese market.

He discusses how mascots create a more enduring, meaningful connection between brands and their customers beyond the transactional nature of purchasing, and how adding storytelling elements to product designs can dramatically increase the attractiveness and value of consumer products, especially for IP-related merchandise. Topics include:

- how Chinese giants Tencent, Meituan and TMall have become household names with iconic characters

- why brand mascots are so powerful in China

- the process of character design

- style guides, their contents and usage

- 3 less obvious marketing techniques used in China

- how to combine the nature and shape of a standard product with storytelling artwork

- price point range and visual consistency in product sets

- the importance of factory-ready files in translating product concepts into reality

- storytelling in packaging design

An excerpt: "In China, using cute anthropomorphic characters and cartoons to convey your message is much more ubiquitous than in the West, and far more acceptable to the adult cultural palette. Even the government uses cartoons to make public announcements, and recommends television broadcasters to give priority to animated series. “The Effect of Brand Mascots on Consumers’ Purchasing Behaviors” (2016) by Proud Arunrangsiwed and Isari Pairoa found that brand mascots significantly increase a customer’s willingness to purchase products, create a more positive attitude toward the products, and heighten the possibility of purchase. It was also found that while most celebrity endorsers only contributed to 3.19% or less of a brand’s buzz, mascot endorsers ranked much higher. The Pillsbury Doughboy contributed to 22.14% of their brand buzz"

Listen to the full webinar on YouTube:

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