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character mural - my wall at home

Thought I'd share some pictures of my wall at home - these are characters I've loved all my life growing up in the 90s, a few that I've created, and a few contributions from friends. The story behind this is that I had a very short lease on the apartment - 6 months - and the plan was to paint over it when I left. Just before moving, there were lots of new potential tenants who liked it enough to persuade the landlord to keep it, so it lives on! How many can you spot? I've left a cheat-sheet beneath each photo below, but if you can name them all (at least the popular ones), then we are kindred spirits!

The whole mural and me...

Homer Simpson, KissBobo, quote from Borat, Hellboy, the Floob, Club Matt (based on Club Med logo), KissBobo, space-coconut, stylized cat, nonsensical 'shazaam' quote

Cookie Monster, Ren (from the short-lived Ren and Stimpy), Spongebob and friends, Odie (from Garfield), Michealangelo (from TMNT Teenage mutant ninja turtles (hero in a half-shell, turtle power!))

Garfield's teddy, Stewie from Family Guy, Cokey McBourbon dancing with Winston Churchill quote, tentacle Rick (Rick and Morty), Pickle Rick, bubbling coconut

Stylized Joker (Batman), "Don't tread on me" weird snake guy, Calvin (from Calvin & Hobbes), Sparky ("Conversation Time" textbook), quote from Gladiator

Beavis ("hehehehehe, I am Cornholio"), Chichi (Cokey McBourbon & friends), Eric Cartman, quote from Homer Simpson

I had great fun making this. Next apartment -any ideas?


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